Frequently Asked Questions

How much do eLeads cost?
eLeads are only $20.00 each.
Is there a minimum order?
There is a 15 lead minimum per order.
How long will it take to receive leads and fulfill an order?
You should start to receive leads within 3 days of placing an order. Fulfillment timing will vary, but you can generally expect to receive 1-2 leads per day.
How are leads delivered?
Leads are delivered daily via email with an updated
Are the leads exclusive?
Yes, eLeads in your target area are exclusive to you.
And in most cases we will only supply a target area
to one agent. Please contact us to make sure your
area is available.
What is your refund policy?

We understand nothing is perfect. While we will not provide a monetary refund, we will provide a lead credit under certain conditions. In other words: We will do our best to make you happy. If we don’t have happy customers, we won’t stay in business!

What payment method is accepted?
Credit and debit card are accepted via Paypal.

The Evolution of Final Expense Leads

A supplemental lead source every life agent should incorporate!




Delivery Time

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These leads got me back into writing Final Expense business. Awesome leads!
Thank you! Eric V.

Cleveland, OH

I’m a part time agent and eLeads are the best leads I have sourced. They definitely help me work smarter not harder. Sue M.


What a great concept! It definitely fills a void that was in the Final Expense field.
Great job David! Marc Y.


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